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Devourer Guide

Friday, April 30th, 2010

This guide is specifically written for 5v5 Forest of Caldavar – Normal mode public games.

Devourer – You’re Mine!

Strength: 25 + 3.2

Agility: 14 + 1.5
Intelligence: 14 + 1.5
Range: Melee



Wretched Hag Guide

Friday, April 30th, 2010

By Chaosmongler’s
Guide is current for version This guide is written for Normal Mode 5v5 play.
Table Of Contents – To jump to a section, press ‘control-f’ and type in the code next to the section:
.1a Introduction
.2a Pros and Cons of Wretched Hag
.3a When Should I Pick Wretched Hag?
.4a Skills
.5a Core Analysis
.6a Skill Build
.7a Early item build and philosophy
.8a Playstyle Guide
.8b Mid Game and Beyond – Luxury items and more
.9a Replays
.10a FAQ!
.11a Wretched Hag 30 Second TLDR Guide
.12a Changelog and Credits

Introduction: .1a
Wretched Hag is based off the DOTA hero Akasha, Queen of Pain, with some subtle differences; most notably her Ultimate applying the Haunt debuff to its targets (mass aoe slow and DOT) and that her third skill, Sonar Scream, hits units that are fogged and invisible.

Wretched Hag is one of the most versatile heroes in the entire game. A strong nuking semi-carry with amazing chasing ability, she maintains relevance throughout the game, and she is one of the heroes that has the ability to step on the throat of the other team before their carries even have a chance to breathe. Should the early game go awry, she is one of the best ward hoes around.



Ophelia Guide

Friday, April 30th, 2010

A detailed Guide to Ophelia

the least picked hero in HoN

Post #1 deals with Ophelia’s Stats, her Skills and a few Itembuilds.
Post #2 covers her role from early to late game, which minions to get during what phase of the game, counters to Ophelia and counter warding when certain spots in your jungle get blocked.
Post #3 shows how to push towers, gank in the early and mid game, how to solo Kongor as soon as you hit Level 6 and what heroes work best with/against her. There’s also a little guide that shows how to jungle in the beginning and how to pull neutral creepcamps.

So if you check the hero usage statistics you’ll probably notice that Ophelia is only picked in 0,6% of all the games played! Is it because she sucks? Definitely not, as most of the higher tier players love her to death.

It’s because she’s probably the hardest hero out there to play right. Why’s that? Because using her to her full potential means that you need to get your microskillz straight.


Strength: 20 (+1.5)
Agility: 15 (+1.1)
Intelligence: 21 (+2.8)

Range: 600
Damage: 43-53
Attacks/sec: 0.68



Chronos Guide

Tuesday, February 9th, 2010

By: Blue_Aura
Outdated as of latest patch
- The stat placement and the ability descriptions updated soon, the item build is correct!

The greatest inventors of the Human Legion dreamed of making an army of machine warriors to spare humans the bloody cost of war.
Only one was ever created, for no one could ever find a way to quicken him.
When the Hellbourne fed a stolen soul into its mechanical shell, they brought the Chronos to life and gained the benefit of this artificial monster’s mastery over time itself.



Madman Guide

Tuesday, February 9th, 2010

By: TinyBlkTears

I wasn’t intending on writing this now but I will be quitting HoN in its entirety for at least the next several months so this will be my last and final thread/post. I don’t want to get into details considering my decision, so don’t ask. This runthrough will analyze Madman’s skills, skill build, core analysis, and most importantly his item build, which is the reason I made the poll. Any responses you make directly to me (the OP) will fall on deaf ears as I will no longer be around. Feel free to discuss my item build amongst yourselves.

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Rampage Guide by Syrex

Monday, January 18th, 2010


  • Introduction


  • Abilities
  • Pro’s and cons
  • Ability levelling


  • Starting Items
  • Base Items
  • Late Game Items
  • Other suitable Items
  • Builds


  • How to: Use abilities
  • Laning, Creeping and Harrassing
  • Hero combinations


Rampage is a recently added hero to the game. He represents Spirit Breaker for those of you who played Dota. He is an extremely fast, highly damage, stun based hero. In this guide you will see a nice point of view on how to play this hero depending on opposition, what builds you should go for – and all the characteristics of a hero guide.


DotA Basics Guide for New to Average Skill

Monday, January 18th, 2010

By: [D55]Kaution

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Basics
  • Survivablity
  • Creeps and Towers
  • Items
  • Hero Classifications (coming soon)
  • Credits


I thought I would write some of the information that I constantly say in games online to new players or via the in game comms. It is a joint effort with friends the guide will be updated, so if you have any piece of information you want to contribute with, feel free to post it in this thread.

Text in Red is the Heroes of Newerth item name
Text in Green is the same item but the DotA name for it.


  • Don’t assume you always have to be fighting to win the game.
  • You get experience for being about 2/3 of the screen width away when something dies, you don’t have to kill it yourself.
  • You get gold from a kill if you make the final, killing blow on it.
  • Early on, getting experience is more important than getting gold.
  • Killing enemy heroes gets you roughly 200 gold and some experience.
  • Dying costs you a %age of your gold, and means your opponents level ALOT faster than you. **[[EDIT 30*Your Level rather than a percentage of your current gold. So a level 4 hero will lose exactly 30*4 = 120 gold.]]**
  • Press the quote key ‘ (or you can remap this in the control’s section) to show units health/mana bars above them.
  • Heroes abilities decide games.

Therefore, if you don’t recognise the hero you are against in your lane, ask your teammates what to watch out for. They will tell you the nastiest things you will face.



Nymphora Guide

Monday, January 18th, 2010

This guide is intended for 5v5 on Forests of Caldaver, although the guide will work for lower numbers of players as well. This guide is NOT intended for Easy Mode play. This guide is searchable, simply enter the number of the section you would like to see in your find box. Refer to the table of contents!

Nymphora, Protector of the Wilds

Table of Contents

[1] – Introduction
[1.1] – Stats

[2] – Skills
[2.1] – Skill Descriptions
[2.2] – Cookie Cutter Build
[2.3] – Alternative Build

[3] – Items
[3.1] – Starting
[3.2] – Early Game
[3.3] – Mid Game
[3.4] – Late Game
[3.5] – Luxury

[4] – In Depth Skills
[4.1] – Volatile Pod
[4.2] – Grace of the Nymph
[4.3] – Volatile Pod
[4.4] – Teleport
[4.5] – Nymph’s Call

[5] – Gameplay
[5.1] – Laning
[5.2] – Ganking
[5.3] – Pushing
[5.4] – Supporting

[6] – Nymphora vs. Other Support Heroes

[7] – Video

[8] – Conclusion

[1] Introduction
Alright, so I’ve written a Nymphora guide before, and it was decent. This one however, I’m going all out on. Nymphora received some amazing buffs in 0.1.42, and I intend to highlight why exactly these buffs are amazing, and why I feel that Nymphora might be the best support hero in the entire game. So, say hello to the most annoying little fairy ever, Nymphora.

Nymphora has long been a protectress of Newerth’s secret beauties, its secluded glades and crystal springs. One might think that the paragon of butterflies and skylarks would have little role in the brutal carnage that has engulfed the world, but one need only see the tiny fangs revealed by her smile to know that she holds secret dangers of her own.



Slither Guide

Monday, January 18th, 2010


After a successful 1st guide I am back, this time with Slither. This guide is meant to be straightforward and to the point. I will not go over basic skills like last hitting and ward placement, however, you can refer to Nome’s guide on warding by following this link http://forums.heroesofnewerth.com/showthread.php?t=4839

As the formatting of my other guide was considered acceptable by the vast majority of the forumers, I will use the same format in this guide.



Vindicator Guide

Monday, October 26th, 2009

Vindicator – Silencer

Skill build 1:

1 – Incantation
2 – Glyph of Silence/Stats
3 – Incantation

4 – Glyph of Silence/Stats
5 - Incantation
6 – Final Chapter
7 –
8 – Glyph of Silence/Stats
9 – Glyph of Silence/Stats
10 – Glyph of Silence/Stats
11 – Final Chapter
12 – Glyph of Silence/Stats
13 – Glyph of Silence/Stats
14 – Glyph of Silence/Stats
15 – Stats
16 – Final Chapter
17-21 – Stats
23-25 – Sage’s Lore

Take Glyph of silence when you need it. Skill it early versus dangerous combo heroes like pyromancer, magmus and such. Skill it later if you have no use for it. You can also take 1 level of Sage’s Lore if you want 50 Mana drain in early game, useful versus heroes with dangerous skills but low early game mana pool like Hammerstorm. In this case skill Incantation at 2-3-5 instead, and Glyph when you need it. 1 level of Glyph early is always useful since it grants you +1 intelligence whenever a hero dies around you. This is better used if you go for carry build.


  • Translation

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