July 29th, 2011

Heroes of Newerth is now free to play. After trying several different revenue models selling the game for $30,  dropping the price to $10,  and adding an in game store, S2 Games has opted to put their faith in the revenue stream provided by the in game store and allow players to create accounts for free. This move is sure to bring in an influx of players from DotA and League of Legends willing to try out the game, but previously unwilling to pay.

Puede download HoN free here. Here’s the full FAQ from the currently flaky forums, most likely from the already growing player base.

Q. How does Free-to-Play affect me?

All existing players will be marked as Legacy accounts. Legacy accounts will no longer be obtainable and will continue to enjoy free access to the general hero pool. You will be able to play in Verified Only games, but can play in Basic games if you choose. Legacy players will continue to receive newly released heroes for free after the hero leaves Early Access.

Q. What is Early Access?

Independent of Free-to-Play is a new feature called Early Access. Players will be able to purchase Early Access to new heroes to play them before they are released for free to the rest of the Legacy players.

While heroes are Early Access, they will not be playable in Tournament Play.

There are many reasons for the introduction of the Early Access system, for a detailed explanation see Maliken’s post here: http:/ / Forums.heroesofnewerth.com / sh…d.php?t =305655

Q. I already paid for HoN! Was my money wasted now that it’s Free-to-Play?

Not at all! Legacy accounts are now a rarity, part of our old business model – you’re getting additional new content (outside of any potential pay for content expansions) for free, which is a perk no longer available to new accounts whom have to unlock new content.

Q. Will Free-to-Play mean my games will be ruined by griefers and trolls?

By requiring players to either play a significant number of games or make a purchase before becoming Verified, players will have made an investment into their account. If a person griefs, they will lose this investment. We will be increasing our efforts to stop griefing through our Report a Player system so Verified players can be confident the matches they play will be good ones. Basic accounts will not have access to the Report A Player function.

Q. What about game modes that require my teammates to have access to the whole hero pool?

We’ve gone to great lengths to try to ensure that the HoN experience you’ve come to know and love will be as unchanged by Free-to-Play as possible. Game modes SD, BD, AR, and BP will require that non-legacy accounts have a Token or Game Pass in order to enter the match. The token allows them to play as any hero in the pool for that game – if they pick a hero they don’t own, the token is spent. This means that you can depend on any of your teammates having access to that crucial counter-pick in these modes, and not have to worry about team strategy being limited by what heroes your teammates have unlocked.

Q. Can I play with a friend I bring to HoN as a new Basic (free to play) account?

Yes you can, you simply will not be able to queue into a Verified Only pool.

For New Players

Q. Where can I create an account and download the game?

You can create your account here. After making your account, you can download the game here.

Q. Will I need real money to play?

No. You will have access to a Rotating Hero Pool of 15 heroes and will be able to play without paying a cent.

Q. Who has a Basic account?

Anyone who has created an account since HoN went Free-to-Play and has not become Verified.

Q. What are the benefits of being Verified?

Verified players are able to queue into Verified Only Matchmaking, are able to use the Report a Player system, and are given 5 free tokens to use. Verified players can be assured that players they are playing with take their accounts as seriously as they do.

Q. How do I become Verified?
You can become verified by reaching level 5 or by purchasing Gold Goblin Coins. This is to ensure you are serious about your account.

Q. I signed up to play with my friend who is a long time HoN player, will we be able to queue in Match Making together?

Yes! Verified and Basic accounts can play together, but will be unable to queue into a Verified Only game until both players are Verified.

Q. If I only have access to 15 Heroes, will I be at a disadvantage in game modes like Single Draft and Banning Pick?

Certain game modes in HoN were designed around having access to the full hero pool. For these modes, we’ve created Tokens and Passes. Single Draft, All Random, Banning Pick, and Banning Draft require either a Token or a Game Pass to play.

Game Passes let you play these modes for a certain amount of time, as much as you want, playing any hero you want. Tokens allow you to play, and will get spent if you choose a hero you do not normally own. This allows us to guarantee that, in these game modes, all of your teammates are capable of choosing that critical counter-pick hero, instead of having strategy be limited by a restricted hero pool.

You’ll get some Tokens for free when you become a Verified account. Aside from that, Tokens and Passes can be purchased via the in-game store.

Q. Can I still get a Legacy account?

No. These accounts are no longer available.

Q. Do I have to purchase heroes with real money if I want a hero not in the Hero Pool?

No. You can earn heroes by simply playing the game. Sin embargo, if you would like to get a hero quicker, you can buy Gold Goblin Coins at http://www.heroesofnewerth.com/purchase.

Q. What are HoN’s system requirements?

You can find the system requirements at http://www.heroesofnewerth.com/specs_pop.html

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August 13th, 2010

HoN Version 1.0.9
== General ==

- Greatly optimized client performance on all systems
- Optimized various interfaces to run more efficiently (9000% more efficient!)
- Fixed an issue causing F6 to re-set the position of the scoreboard
- Fixed various crashes that could occur during gameplay
- Fixed experience popups to off-set from gold popups, such that they do not overlap
- Added a new music track to Caldavar, entitledEncounter at the River
- Fixed in game match stats screen to display the correct XP/Min, such that it will not calculate time spent playing after reaching level 25
- Fixed a crash that could occur when exiting the game
- Added hero selection announcements for bubbles, chipper, doctor repulsor, gauntlet, and tundra
- Pre-match time for all game modes changed from 1 minute 15 segundos para 1 minute 30 segundo
- Fixed several interface crashes
- Fixed advanced game mode filter on public game interface to correctly save values.
- Fixed animations getting stuck when rewinding replays
- Fixed rewinding tree deaths in replays
- Fixed projectile orientations
- Fixed attacking buildings and towers without sight of that building or tower
- Fixed duration of deny animation glow

- During modes that use alternating pick (banning draft, banning pick, etc), once a player selects their hero it will instantly switch to the other team (rather than waiting the remaining time)
* Each player now has 40 seconds to select their hero, from 30
* Transition time between banning and picking is now 15 segundo, from 20
* The time after the hero picks has been reduced from 2 minutes to 45 segundo
- Hero selection time in all pick reduced from 2 minutes to 1 minute

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April 30th, 2010

This guide is specifically written for 5v5 Forest of CaldavarNormal mode public games.

Devorador – You’re Mine!

fuerza: 25 + 3.2

Agility: 14 + 1.5
Intelligence: 14 + 1.5
Rango: Melee

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April 30th, 2010

By Chaosmongler’s
Guide is current for version This guide is written for Normal Mode 5v5 play.
Tabla de contenidos – To jump to a section, presscontrol-fand type in the code next to the section:
.1a Introduction
.2a Pros and Cons of Wretched Hag
.3a When Should I Pick Wretched Hag?
.4a Skills
.5a Core Analysis
.6a Skill Build
.7a Early item build and philosophy
.8a Playstyle Guide
.8b Mid Game and BeyondLuxury items and more
.9a Replays
.10a FAQ!
.11a Wretched Hag 30 Second TLDR Guide
.12a Changelog and Credits

Introducción: .1a
Wretched Hag is based off the DOTA hero Akasha, Queen of Pain, with some subtle differences; most notably her Ultimate applying the Haunt debuff to its targets (mass aoe slow and DOT) and that her third skill, Sonar Scream, hits units that are fogged and invisible.

Wretched Hag is one of the most versatile heroes in the entire game. A strong nuking semi-carry with amazing chasing ability, she maintains relevance throughout the game, and she is one of the heroes that has the ability to step on the throat of the other team before their carries even have a chance to breathe. Should the early game go awry, she is one of the best ward hoes around.

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April 30th, 2010

A detailed Guide to Ophelia

the least picked hero in HoN
Tabla de contenidos

Post #1 deals with Ophelia’s Stats, her Skills and a few Itembuilds.
Post #2 covers her role from early to late game, which minions to get during what phase of the game, counters to Ophelia and counter warding when certain spots in your jungle get blocked.
Post #3 shows how to push towers, gank in the early and mid game, how to solo Kongor as soon as you hit Level 6 and what heroes work best with/against her. There’s also a little guide that shows how to jungle in the beginning and how to pull neutral creepcamps.

So if you check the hero usage statistics you’ll probably notice that Ophelia is only picked in 0,6% of all the games played! Is it because she sucks? Definitely not, as most of the higher tier players love her to death.

It’s because she’s probably the hardest hero out there to play right. Why’s that? Because using her to her full potential means that you need to get your microskillz straight.


fuerza: 20 (+1.5)
Agility: 15 (+1.1)
Intelligence: 21 (+2.8)

Rango: 600
daños: 43-53
Attacks/sec: 0.68

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February 9th, 2010

By: Blue_Aura
Outdated as of latest patch
- The stat placement and the ability descriptions updated soon, the item build is correct!

The greatest inventors of the Human Legion dreamed of making an army of machine warriors to spare humans the bloody cost of war.
Only one was ever created, for no one could ever find a way to quicken him.
When the Hellbourne fed a stolen soul into its mechanical shell, they brought the Chronos to life and gained the benefit of this artificial monster’s mastery over time itself.

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February 9th, 2010

By: TinyBlkTears

Descargo de responsabilidad:
I wasn’t intending on writing this now but I will be quitting HoN in its entirety for at least the next several months so this will be my last and final thread/post. I don’t want to get into details considering my decision, so don’t ask. This runthrough will analyze Madman’s skills, Skill build, core analysis, and most importantly his item build, which is the reason I made the poll. Any responses you make directly to me (the OP) will fall on deaf ears as I will no longer be around. Feel free to discuss my item build amongst yourselves.
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January 18th, 2010


  • Introducción


  • Habilidades
  • Pro’s and cons
  • Ability levelling


  • Elementos de partida
  • Base Items
  • Late Game Items
  • Other suitable Items
  • Builds


  • How to: Use abilities
  • Avenida, Creeping and Harrassing
  • Hero combinations


Rampage is a recently added hero to the game. He represents Spirit Breaker for those of you who played Dota. He is an extremely fast, highly damage, stun based hero. In this guide you will see a nice point of view on how to play this hero depending on opposition, what builds you should go forand all the characteristics of a hero guide.

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January 18th, 2010

By: [D55]Kaution

Tabla de contenidos

  • Introducción
  • Conceptos básicos
  • Survivablity
  • Creeps and Towers
  • Artículos
  • Hero Classifications (coming soon)
  • Créditos


I thought I would write some of the information that I constantly say in games online to new players or via the in game comms. It is a joint effort with friends the guide will be updated, so if you have any piece of information you want to contribute with, feel free to post it in this thread.

Text in Red is the Heroes of Newerth item name
Text in Green is the same item but the DotA name for it.

Conceptos básicos

  • Don’t assume you always have to be fighting to win the game.
  • You get experience for being about 2/3 of the screen width away when something dies, you don’t have to kill it yourself.
  • You get gold from a kill if you make the final, killing blow on it.
  • Early on, getting experience is more important than getting gold.
  • Killing enemy heroes gets you roughly 200 gold and some experience.
  • Dying costs you a %age of your gold, and means your opponents level ALOT faster than you. **[[EDIT 30*Your Level rather than a percentage of your current gold. So a level 4 hero will lose exactly 30*4 = 120 gold.]]**
  • Press the quote key ‘ (or you can remap this in the control’s section) to show units health/mana bars above them.
  • Heroes abilities decide games.

Por tanto, if you don’t recognise the hero you are against in your lane, ask your teammates what to watch out for. They will tell you the nastiest things you will face.

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January 18th, 2010

This guide is intended for 5v5 on Forests of Caldaver, although the guide will work for lower numbers of players as well. This guide is NOT intended for Easy Mode play. This guide is searchable, simply enter the number of the section you would like to see in your find box. Refer to the table of contents!

Nymphora, Protector of the Wilds
Actualización para

Tabla de contenidos

[1] – Introducción
[1.1] – Estadísticas

[2] – Habilidades
[2.1] – Descripciones de Habilidad
[2.2]Cookie Cutter Build
[2.3]Alternative Build

[3] – Artículos
[3.2] – Early Game
[3.3] – Medio juego
[3.4]Late Game

[4]In Depth Skills
[4.1]Volatile Pod
[4.2]Grace of the Nymph
[4.3]Volatile Pod
[4.5]Nymph’s Call

[5] – Jugabilidad
[5.1] – Avenida
[5.2] – Ganking
[5.3] – Empujar

[6]Nymphora vs. Other Support Heroes

[7] – Video


[1] Introduction
Alright, so I’ve written a Nymphora guide before, and it was decent. This one however, I’m going all out on. Nymphora received some amazing buffs in 0.1.42, and I intend to highlight why exactly these buffs are amazing, and why I feel that Nymphora might be the best support hero in the entire game. So, say hello to the most annoying little fairy ever, Nymphora.

Nymphora has long been a protectress of Newerth’s secret beauties, its secluded glades and crystal springs. One might think that the paragon of butterflies and skylarks would have little role in the brutal carnage that has engulfed the world, but one need only see the tiny fangs revealed by her smile to know that she holds secret dangers of her own.

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