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The Big Hero Guide by SyyRaaaN

Wednesday, October 7th, 2009

The Big Hero Guide – Updated for 1.47

My own notes: Im going to overlook the Boots area. Personally i dont think that Steam Boots are junk. The Boots Changes reminds me alot of how Dota used to be before the introduction of Phase Boots (old enhanced marchers), 6.49-6.54. Back then Casters could get Steam Boots for fast stats to add to their survivability. Same principels here. Attack speed bonus gone, but the boot is cheaper and faster, and gives more stats. I consider them to be pretty good boots. New Enhanced Marchers are however very good due to their big increase of MS. Keep in mind that the IAS bonus isnt that good in late game. You are fast with them but more squishy. Post Haste are very strong and can be used for every hero if you have good farm and the game is low on action in early game.



Guide to The New Slardar – Pestilence

Friday, September 25th, 2009

Pestilence – Guide to The New Slardar

The Dictionary.com defenition for Pestilence is something that is considered harmful, destructive, or evil.
This guide will show you how to take this bug, and turn him into his namesake. Pestilence (Pesty/Pest for short) is an amazing carry, argueably one of the best. He tears through agi carries, str tanks, and int nukers with ease. Played properly, he is quite simply, a pestilence to the other team.

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